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As a non-profit organization, there are a number of techniques to companion to help end the epidemic of child sexual assault. There are proven kid sexual assault avoidance programs. 1 from 10 youngsters you identify will definitely be sexually mistreated before they transform 18. Research study shows that people that are sexually broken as kids are even more than likely to experience psychological troubles often lasting into the grown-up years, including:

  • Blog Post Traumatic Tension Disorder

  • Depression

  • Self-destruction

  • Chemical misuse

  • Young adult pregnancy

  • Institution failure

  • Relationship concerns

Geneva understands that figuring out the realities concerning youth sexual offense assists quit it. Mentioning it aids stop it. Acquiring required aids prevent it. The reality is, if youth sexual offense could be stopped, maybe quit. One element Geneva exists is to outfit grown-ups with understanding as well as educational programs to avoid, recongnize along with respond sensibly to childhood years sexual assault.

is an Author, Speaker, Business woman and survivor of childhood and adolescent sexual abuse. Ms. Sanders is           the founder and Executive Director of            

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